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Recent Research

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OEPI Overview of School Funding in Ohio

This report provides an overview and history if Ohio school funding over the past 25 years.


“Estimate of the Net Cost of A Prior Authorization Requirement for Certain Mental Health Medications”, Report prepared for NAMI Ohio – August 2008

This report provides a cost/benefit analysis of Ohio’s policy change to require prior authorization of atypical antipsychotic medications for Ohio Medicaid fee for service patients. The report estimates that the costs of this policy in terms of adverse effects on patients outweigh the expected savings by nearly 4:1.

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Testimony on HB 218: House Ways and Means Committee – June 2009

HB 218 was legislation to provide property tax exemptions for new wind and solar energy installations.  This testimony provides analysis of the effects of such legislation and provides historical background on prior energy related tax policy changes in Ohio.

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Testimony on HB 400: House Ways and Means Committee – February 2010

HB 400 was legislation that would phase out Ohio’s state income tax over a 10 year period.  This testimony provides objective analysis of Ohio’s tax system in order to provide a context for consideration of a phase-out of the state’s income tax.

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Review and Critique of Brookings Institution “Restoring Prosperity” Report – October 2010

Driscoll & Fleeter review and critique of the report “Restoring Prosperity: Transforming Ohio’s Communities for the Next Economy” prepared by the Brookings Institution and Greater Ohio Policy Center.   One chapter of this report discusses collaboration between and consolidation of local governments in Ohio. 



Research Library

State and Local Tax Policy

Ohio’s state and local tax ranking has generated considerable attention in the aftermath of 2005’s tax reform legislation (H.B. 66).  These 3 papers assess Ohio’s tax ranking and critique the Tax Foundation methodology for evaluating Ohio’s system.  Click titles for access to reports.

Ohio’s Tax Ranking: Setting the Record Straight - July 2004

A Look at the: “Tax Foundation 2008 Business Tax ‘Climate’ Index” - January 2008

More Tax Foundation Nonsense! - August 2008


Economic Impact Analysis

Howard Fleeter has conducted numerous economic impact analyses in Ohio.  Included here are reports completed for Honda of America, the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, and Nine Library Systems in Southwestern Ohio. 

Honda in Ohio: The Economic Impact of the First 25 Years - June 2004


Education Funding


Howard Fleeter has more than 20 years of experience analyzing school funding in Ohio.  Included here is analysis of the estimated cost of implementing the “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) Act in Ohio, analysis of School District Operating Levies in Ohio from 1994 through 2012, and examination of HB 920’s property tax rollbacks on school funding in Ohio.

Projected costs of nclb

Teacher Supply & Demand


Howard Fleeter and Bill Driscoll prepared a series of reports for the Ohio Department of Education analyzing the Condition of Teacher Supply and Demand in Ohio. 

Home Care


The two reports found here examine Ohio’s provision of long term care services.  Ohio ranks near the bottom nationally in terms of the share of Medicaid long term care spending devoted to home and community based care as opposed to nursing facility care.

Ohio Library Council


Bill Driscoll and Howard Fleeter have conducted research on library levies, the Public Library Fund, and variety of other topics for the Ohio Library Council (OLC) for many years.